Friday, March 20, 2009

episode ten: rice pudding


  1. totes my dads favorite too. i made the Contessa's recipe at Christmas and the fam loved it. more basic, cream and raisins. i love the coconut milk idea!

  2. Well Lisa - that was officially not boring. I stand corrected but think I was mostly persuaded by the Indian twist (of which I am sure you are well aware).

    The rice pudding I had in India was a bit more conventional (boring - while still yummy) - tip of the hat to you to incorporating some fun spices, fruit & nuts and making me want to cook this (previously) seemingly boring dish.

  3. You are becoming a pro.
    Great integration of the music.
    Fantastic moments of humor. Oy how I laughed!
    This is the best yet, love.

    The best.

    I've eaten whole cardamon, too. Quite... perfume-y and intense.

  4. least boring rice pudding EVER!