Friday, January 23, 2009

episode two: pizza


  1. Hey Lisa,

    I like the new blog. Will we get a chance to vote again? I was really hoping fruit tart might win. Anyway, thanks for the link, we're giving you an "official shout-out" (whatever the hell that means) on Friday January 30th. Check it out. Good luck with the cooking.


    Grown Ass People

  2. Go fruit tart!!!

    Lisa, your movie star skills have come a long way since freshman year...

  3. Lisa, I love the blog, your videos are fantastic. And thanks to Grown Ass People for the post about your site.

    People have asked me to make videos instead of just slideshows for my cooking site, but I've never seen a cooking video I actually liked until yours. Now I'm actually considering giving it a shot.